Fix Now, Pay Later

Get your home showcase ready without all the upfront costs

If you would you like to sell your home but don’t want to pay for repairs until it closes, GenStone Realty may be the solution you are looking for. With a nationwide network of licensed, bonded, and reputable contractors, we can repair or replace just about anything relating to your home. And best of all, these agreed upon repair costs can be paid at closing, providing you the ability to breathe easy knowing that you’ve done all you can to get the best price for your investment.

Some of the services we can provide include:

  • Indoor and outdoor painting
  • Stucco and exterior repair
  • Drywall repair and replacement
  • Window and screen replacements
  • Floor installation
  • General lighting needs
  • General plumbing needs
  • General heating and air conditioning (HVAC) needs

If you are interested in learning more about this unique offer, fill out the form below and a representative will help you down the path of selling your home for more.