Careers with GenStone Realty

There’s always a story. A tiny spark of imagination, a thought in the middle of the night, a dream of being a part of something bigger, better, or bolder than what’s already there. It’s these stories that push us forward, challenge us to think outside the box, and drive us to create unique services and solutions.

GenStone’s story is one of new beginnings and strength. It’s the Genesis of a new kind of real estate – a RE·invention.
And it’s built on a solid foundation – a Stone from which other pillars may be built. That foundation is Fay Financial, and it’s the strength and durability behind a new kind of real estate company – GenStone Realty.

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To be a company of superior service, solutions, and opportunities of extraordinary real estate experiences.


Our mission is to enrich the lives of customers, colleagues, and communities through an unwavering commitment to build lasting and diverse relationships, offer innovative and sustainable solutions through our network of partnerships, and advocate a culture of teamwork and collaboration.


Guided by Passion – Every decision and outcome for the betterment of the Consumer
Relationships – Compassionately connecting opportunities for Generations
Opportunities – Building legacies with Leads, Solutions and Possibilities
Work/Life Balance – Recognizing the importance of balance, health & wellness
Teamwork – Fostering a Collaborative and Educational environment
Honesty – Living by the highest standards of Integrity and Trust