Loan Options

When it comes to a home loan, it’s not just about the interest rate. Although the interest may be a large factor, it isn’t be the only one.

  • What are the closing fees?
  • Do you have to pay any points?
  • What are the lender’s closing costs?
  • Is this the right type of loan?

These and many more questions need to be considered when shopping for the best mortgage, and we can help. GenStone Realty is proud to be able to offer Fixed Rate, Adjustable Rate, FHA, and VA mortgages through our sister company, Fay Mortgage Services. Whether you are looking to purchase your first home or refinance your third, we can provide you with estimates and alternatives, if needed, to help you make the best loan choice possible.


In competitive markets, having a pre-approval may make all the difference with a seller accepting your offer. By getting a letter of pre- approval before you shop for a home, you provide yourself with a competitive edge. And in any market, you have peace of mind knowing just how much you can purchase. Apply now and get a $1,000 closing cost credit!