About Genstone

GenStone Realty is not your average real estate company. We have the look and feel of a boutique brokerage but with the resources and capacity of a multinational company.

This is your friendly neighborhood brokerage with national reach and a globally recognized brand name.

We provide all buying, selling, title work, insurance, improvements, and property management services in-house. This gives us the edge in creating a seamless and superior experience for clients at all levels and in all areas of the housing market.

Traditional firms, by contrast, rely on scattered networks of professionals to be able to offer the full range of services, often at the expense of quality, consistency, and customer service.

You can forget about compromise when you work with GenStone Realty – the word simply does not exist in our vocabulary. We believe in giving clients the best of everything from start to finish.

Our team works closely with our parent and affiliate companies to help agents and their clients successfully navigate the complex and ever-changing world of residential real estate.

This also allows us to treat our agents like our own clients – by giving them everything they need to executive for their own clients with speed and quality.

But most importantly, our brokerage and parent company have investment buyers across the United States, giving you exclusive access to the best prices in the shortest amount of time. So you no longer have to rely on the MLS to find the right buyer or seller.

Simply put, we turn agents into top producers. Renters to homeowners. Buyers and sellers to satisfied customers. Everyone wins.

With GenStone Realty on your side, failure is impossible, as we work with a team and organization to make our clients and agents realize success in accomplishing their goal. Say goodbye to the small-time when you join us today!

What we offer

No matter what we do, we offer bespoke and concierge-style service that cater to your specific needs and demands.

For our agents, warm leads serve as our calling card – while brokerages typically struggle to capture leads, we pass thousands along to other agents because we get too many.

From REO sales and real estate auctions to the traditional consumer, we execute transactions with style and ease.

We have built a reputation as a brokerage that does everything in-house for smooth and quick transactions.

Because when it comes to a dynamic industry like real estate, time is of the essence – especially for discerning clients who live modern, fast-paced lifestyles.

With 50+ years of combined experience, our agents are top producers who work with clients across different counties, states, and time zones – but somehow never miss a beat.

Because real estate never sleeps, so why should we? We keep the ball rolling 24/7. Get ready to discover the GenStone difference.

Where to find us

You’ll find us wherever there’s prime real estate. With offices throughout Florida, California, and Illinois, New Jersey and Pennsylvania coming soon and more to come, GenStone Realty has a national presence.

From sun-drenched West Palm Beach to wind-strewn Chicago, we leave an indelible mark on all the communities we serve.

We have also utilized technology to amplify our presence. Find us online, whether it’s social media or the official website. We are always waiting to connect, so don’t hesitate to reach out through our online channels. We can’t wait to hear from you.